6 Important Summer Car Checks

It’s important that as the warmer months come around that we prepare our cars to ensure they are running as safely and smoothly as possible and to avoid costly repairs. As we get ready for summer holidays and road trips, we need to check our vehicles for essential summer precautions. Read these six essential things to check for in your car this summer.

Tyre Pressure

As summer brings about a dramatic change in temperatures, it’s important to check your tyre pressure. As the temperature begins to rise, so does your tyre pressure which can lead to dangerous consequences if left unchanged. Over inflated tyres mean less contact in with the road, in wet conditions, you would end up skidding when trying to break.

Oil Levels

During the summer holidays, more and more groups take long road trips. With the increase of long haul journeys, it’s important to check your oil as the weather heats up. Old oil in your car can be problematic and can cause major damage to your oil by causing it to overheat. Be sure to check your oil levels often to prevent any unwanted damage.

Tyre Types

Many of us will have prepped our cars for the winter weather, ensuring our cars have more grip and can drive safely on roads when snow and ice appear. It’s important to change these to more weather-appropriate tyre in the summer as leaving winter tyre on won’t allow you to make quick manoeuvres. As the rubber on winter tyre is considerably more flexible than summer tyres, it can wear a lot quicker in warmer temperature.

Winter Grit

During the winter we drive around a lot of gritting salt. Over the course of winter, this salt can get attached to the bottom of our care. After winter has passed, you should check the underside of your car to ensure there hasn’t been a buildup of grit that can eat away at the metal.

Windshield Wipers

If you’ve experienced heavy snow and strong winds throughout the colder months and survived April showers, you should check your windshield wipers are still in optimal condition before heading out on any long journeys. Even though it may be summer, heavy thunderstorms are still often expected throughout the hot months. Keep safe and make sure your wipers work efficiently so you don’t have obstructed vision during any storms.

Engine Coolant Levels

Perhaps one of the most important checks throughout summer is your engine coolant levels. This is crucial in ensuring your engine stays cool during warm weathers. If low, your engine could overheat and cause major damage to your car.

If you’re unsure how to check any of these, take advantage of our vehicle diagnostic services where our team of specialists can review your car and ensure it is running safely. Contact us today for a free quote.

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