Quick and Easy Checks Before a Long Journey

You should always have your car ready to face any challenge. From quick oil checks to ensuring your tyres are safe, don’t miss these easy checks to make before a long journey.

We have recently come across the latest AA-Populus Poll. It was completed in June this year and 19,277 respondents were involved in the poll. This report reveals that many drivers are skipping some essential pre-trip preparation when setting off for long journeys in their cars. By missing some of these essential pre-trip preparations they are risking the need for car recovery.

The research shows that the majority of drivers (94%) are forgetting to fill up their cars with fuel before beginning their travels. This means that many drivers are running out of fuel on their journeys, putting themselves and other road users at risk. This also means their journeys are taking longer as they wait for a car recovery company to help them.

Almost a third of all drivers are forgetting to check their engine oil before a long journey too. Allowing your oil to run low can result in your engine failing and your car breaking down. If your vehicle runs out of oil too, you will need to rely on a car recovery service to rescue you. 

What car checks are you forgetting?

Similarly, a fifth of all drivers setting off on a long journey fail to check their tyre pressure. In addition to this, 39% of all drivers do not check the condition of their tyres. Checking the condition and pressure of your tyres is essential for safe driving and good vehicle maintenance. 

Making the time for a few quick car checks could prevent a car break down.

The common faults for vehicles on long car journeys are tyre problems or extra strain on cooling systems (especially due to the heat in warmer weather). Some drivers also find they have issues with their spare tyres such as finding a spare tyre missing, flat or damaged, or event a missing or broken car jack. A lack of fluid in your windscreen washer fluid can also be a common fault.

Here at Cambridge Car Solutions, we can offer car recovery in Peterborough and around the surrounding areas; but we want to help you avoid needing us. This is why we have shared some common faults and things you should check before setting off on a long journey. Making the time for these quick checks will save you time in the long run, but they could also save your car too!

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