Safely Scrapping Your Car

Safely Scrapping Your Car

It’s natural for most people to want to upgrade their old car for a shinier replacement every now and again, but what steps should you follow to get rid of your old vehicle? There are lots of choices to be made when trying to get rid of your old car; so it’s worth considering all of your options and finding the best solution for your circumstance. One of the safest ways to sell your car is to sell to a company who can recycle your scrap vehicle.

Make sure you do your research to ensure that you are selling to a legitimate and reliable business. Scrapping your car will ensure that it’s properly disposed of, without causing any damage to the environment. Once you have chosen a reputable company, getting rid of your car is a swift and simple process that will guarantee you some money within a short space of time.

How can Cambridge Car Solutions help?

We offer a cost competitive and swift vehicle scrappage service, where we will travel to your home or premises and pick up your vehicles as part of the service, so rest assured you don’t have to arrange delivery to us.

Is your vehicle or scrap car stored in an inaccessible or awkward place? Don’t worry, as our team are experts at retrieving vehicles from the toughest and tightest of places.

Our vehicle recycling service is available for all types of vehicles including cars, vans and motorcycles. The vehicles can be in any condition, we will collect fully functioning motors, vehicles with cosmetic issues and those that are not running at all.

Where possible, all materials will be fully recycled, reducing negative impact on the environment so not only do you benefit from the vehicle recycling service, everyone else benefits too. Furthermore, our recovery trucks can fit multiple cars meaning our emissions are kept low and environmental damage is at a minimum.

To find out how much we can offer you for your scrap or old vehicle, please fill in our online quote form. We will quickly review your details and providing we have all of the information we will get back to you normally within 24 hours with an accurate quotation for your vehicles, along with an estimation for pickup.

We operate largely within Norfolk, Cambridgeshire & Suffolk, providing a mobile collection service to our customers. If you are further afield however, please get in contact with us as we may be operating close to you and can meet your needs.

For any questions please don’t hesitate in contacting us via our contact page or by calling us on 01638 721111.

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