Are Your Tyres Ready for Summer?

Are Your Tyres Ready for Summer?

As the weather gets hot and you’re ready to take advantage by embarking on a fun-filled road trip, you need to ensure your car can handle the heat. We’re not just talking about the physical heat either – is your car ready for the summer?

When we say ‘is your car ready for the summer?’, we’re asking this on several different levels. First of all, you need to know that the tyres your car currently has are suitable for long journeys and withstanding the heat. Whilst this may sound absurd, on a hot day, place your hand on the tarmac or concrete and see how quickly it gets hot – your tyres have to be able to withstand that heat all day.

Do you have summer tyres?

We can supply you with summer or all-season tyres to make sure you are safe on the roads. Sometimes you need new a new set to match the weather, but sometimes you just need new ones altogether – and that’s where we can help. We provide a service that ensures everything is a-ok, and your tyres are fitted correctly, balanced, and suitable for your vehicle’s desired purpose.

Be it new or part-worn, having the correct tyres for the road in the heat makes for a smooth summer. 

Make checks regularly

As simple as it sounds, never overlook the straightforward task of checking your tyres. Without them, you’re going nowhere. Checking often in the summer months is the best method to help prevent breakdowns on motorways.

All you require is a few minutes and a reliable gauge to check the pressure – and if there’s any trouble, filling them up with air is a simple task. Nearly every petrol station should have an air pump and someone to assist you should you get stuck.

Ensure your car is ‘summer ready’

You can also read our blog detailing all the summer maintenance essentials that your car will need should you want to go on an adventure. It can even apply if you simply plan on using your car daily for your commuting in this weather.

For all your tyre needs, please feel free to contact us and we can run through our service for you and make your car ready for summer. Whether you need a new set, or helpful tips should you have a breakdown, do not hesitate to call 01638 723999.

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