Is Your Vehicle Prepared for the Autumn Weather Changes?

As we approach the blustery month of autumn, there are many mandatory checks that will need to be carried out for your vehicle to survive as the days get shorter and the weather gets harsher.

The ever-changing conditions, from rain to wind to frost can often throw us off guard. Not knowing how to prepare for sudden weather changes can leave you in a spot of bother. We may not think it, but our vehicles can often be heavily impacted by the changing season and are more prone to breakdowns or accidents in turbulent conditions such as high winds or slippery roads.

Read these 6 essential checks to carry out ASAP on your vehicle this autumn.

Breakdown Recovery – First and foremost, ensuring that you have the number of a reputable breakdown recovery company is vital. A breakdown can occur at any time, but the odds of it happening increase in the autumn and winter months. At Cambridge Car Solutions, we work closely with multiple insurance companies to help provide the best quality service for anyone caught broken down in the less forgiving months of the year (and all year round for that matter!).

Check your Tyres – It’s easy to overlook the importance of checking your tyres but doing this regularly really can be a lifesaver. Cold, damp and slippery weather conditions can heavily affect their performance, resulting in accidents and breakdowns. Checking your tyre pressure and making sure your tyres have the legal tread depth can prevent this from happening. Carry out regular checks to ensure they best possible condition.

Wiper Checks – You’ve got a long journey ahead, then suddenly, it starts pouring down. The first thing you do is turn your windshield wipers on, but for some reason, they won’t work. Making sure your windshield wipers are in optimal condition is vital for safe driving. You never know when rain might hit. Ensure your visibility is never obstructed and don’t forget your rear windscreen wipers if your vehicle has them. Check the blades carefully for wear and replace immediately if damaged else these could cause further harm to your window and endanger other road users.

Monitor your Brakes – During the colder months, it can be more difficult to brake when driving. Brakes may be less responsive or road conditions may mean breaking distance is extended due to water or ice. Monitoring the performance of your brakes is paramount every time you drive. Listening out for any unusual sounds such as squeaking or grinding can be an indication that your brakes need to be checked. If anything feels different, get your breaks checked!

Emergency Car Kit – If you are in the unfortunate situation where your vehicle has a breakdown, having certain equipment on hand can make things a lot easier and less stressful. Having a torch may help when it’s too dark to see anything and a blanket will be useful for keeping passengers warm in the colder months. Luckily, Cambridge Car Solutions provide an efficient and reliable 24-hour emergency recovery service in Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire, so you won’t have to worry about being stranded for too long. Your passengers will be grateful for your preparation though! Hopefully, you’ll never need this kit.

If your vehicle does break down, we know how important it is for you to receive assistance a soon as possible. Carrying out these checks can help, but in the unfortunate event of an accident during Autumn time, our swift and reliable recovery service in Norfolk are prepared to attend to your emergency at any time of day.

For swift and cost effective breakdown recovery in Norfolk and Cambridgeshire, call us on 07913 204238 now.



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