Car won’t start? Here’s what to do

Car won’t start? Here’s what to do

With regular servicing and a bit of TLC, cars are generally pretty reliable. However, when things go wrong it can very quickly derail your day. Nothing evokes that strong sense of dread more than your engine failing to start – particularly if you’ve got no clue what’s happening under the bonnet…

This blog will outline exactly what to do when your car won’t start, including some of the other reasons your car might not be starting aside from a dead battery.

Reasons why your car might not be starting

While a dead battery is the most common reason for a car failing to start, it also could be a result of one of the following:

  • The starter motor is broken
  • The wheel lock is stuck
  • The fuel pump is faulty
  • The spark plugs are worn

Steps you can take

If a dead battery is the reason you can’t get your car to start, there are a few things you can try to get things moving again.

Turn off your electrical accessories

Electrical devices like the headlights, radio, and heaters all use up essential battery power. Turning off these accessories will increase the chances of getting your engine going.

Dip the clutch

Dipping the clutch slightly while you switch on the ignition will lessen how much work your car battery has to do. This should hopefully give the engine a much-needed kickstart.

Jumpstart your car

If you don’t get anywhere with the above DIY tricks, consider jump-starting your car. With the jump leads we always recommend keeping in your car and another driver to help you out, you can try jump-starting the vehicle by doing the following:

  • Park the running car as close as you can to the vehicle with the dead battery.
  • Connect the positive jump lead to the positive terminal on the running battery, before connecting the positive terminal to the battery that’s gone flat.
  • Follow this with the negative connections.
  • Start the engine of the running car, leaving it going for two minutes while revving the engine.

If you don’t get any response at first, it’s worth checking that the cables are attached firmly to the relevant terminals. If you’re still not having any luck after a few attempts, we recommend calling for a professional car recovery service.

Calling a recovery company

Sometimes, your car is only fixable by a professional. If the aforementioned steps don’t produce the results you were after – or you would rather leave it in the hands of an expert – calling a vehicle recovery company will be your best bet. Cambridge Car Solutions is on hand with a 24/7 response; whether you need a battery change or help with getting your engine moving again, our team will know exactly what to do.

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