Where to Buy Used Car Parts From

Where to Buy Used Car Parts From

Buying used car parts and part worn tyres can be a tricky challenge – you don’t want to part with your money to be left with items that are faulty, fake, or just no good for your vehicle. So how can you ensure you’re buying the parts you need for your car, at a fraction of the price?

Whilst having a car is a luxury and not a necessity, costs can still add up as we begin to rely on our vehicle for day-to-day living. We rely on our vehicles more than ever to get around, and unfortunately, they don’t last forever. Parts are known to fall apart, break, get damaged or be worn down before we’d like.

Should that happen, you need to replace them: wheels, tyres, brake pads, 5 studs, you name it. You may seek out sellers on Gumtree or eBay, but in our experience, the best place to source your part worn or used car parts are collectors of scrap cars and vehicle recovery companies, such as ourselves.

Without sounding bias, we take away scrap cars and store them until they can be recycled. As car breakers, we take advantage of this buy sourcing out functioning parts from our newly acquired vehicles and sell on for a fraction of the price to our loyal customers, ensuring they receive a functional part and a quick, easy replacement.

Take a look at our current items of used car parts for sale online.

Buying Used or Part Worn Tyres

It’s vital to check your tyres regularly – a simple task that is often overlooked by most drivers until it is too late. If your tread becomes too low, you could be driving your car illegally (it can get that serious) or at the very least it can become incredibly dangerous for your drive.

Be certain you’re buying quality used car tyres at a good price by contacting us at Cambridge Car Solutions. We stock a range of different tyres to suit every vehicle around.

Take a look at our current items of used car tyres for sale online.

If you have a vehicle you need scraping and want to earn some money form it, or do you have some tyres you want to sell, feel free to contact us today and we can discuss our services and what we can do for you. Take the hassle out of things – Cambridge Car Solutions are your local resource for buying or selling used car parts and part worn tyres.

Proud owner of Cambridge Car Solutions, a family run business offering both Vehicle Recycling & 24/7 Breakdown Recovery.


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