5 Serious Reasons to Buy a Used or Secondhand Car

So you need a car?

When looking for a car it is vital that you look at all of the options, and in today’s climate lots of people are in the situation where they simply cannot afford a new car and may want to consider a used car.

1. Cost Effective

Obviously a secondhand car is generally much cheaper than a New car so you can save lots of money when buying a vehicle if you can ensure that a used car has been well looked after and has been maintained correctly.

Once a car gets to a certain age, you also find that it begins to depreciate much, much less than a new car. A new car typically depreciates by as much as 60% of its original value over 3 years at an average of 20% per year, which normally equates to a car losing thousands of pounds in value. Used cars will depreciate at a much slower rate than a new car, and a car over 8 years old will typically hit a point where, as long as the condition is kept the same it’s value will not depreciate any more, which can be very appealing to some people.

Additionally, buying a used car outright can save you money in the long run as you do not have to pay any premiums or rates on finance for a vehicle.

2. Cars Last a Long Time

In today’s modern age, more cars are made using materials such as stainless steel and really are built to last. If a car is looked after, there is no reason why it cannot live on for decades.

3. Cheaper Insurance

As a big factor of the value of insurance is based on the value of the car, buying a vehicle that is now worth much less than a new car can result in cheap insurance premiums which can help you to save money.

4. Massive Variety

Because car production of all different types and varieties has been going on for a long time now, when looking for a new car there is a massive variety in the types of cars that fall within a small budget. From convertibles, people carriers, 4x4s, saloons, hatchbacks and more a person can afford to buy any with a relatively small budget.

5. Value

Buying a used car, should still have years of dependability and makes plenty of sense due to the value you can get from a vehicle. As prestigious cars such as BMW’s and Mercedes depreciate dramatically and fall within a very reachable budget, buying an older car can result in being able to have a vehicle which was thousands of pounds new, and is packed with performance or luxurious features.

Here at Cambridge Car Solutions, we stock a variety of used cars and we have a wide variety of stock so do not hesitate to contact us and find out what vehicles are available.

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