Our 7 Steps of Vehicle Recycling

We’ve been very busy collecting many vehicles, helping to sustain our environment and ensure that you’re getting paid for your scrap cars.

1) Request a Quote

The first step is to fill in our request a quote form or give us a phone call so we can investigate the details of your vehicle so we can give you the very best price for your scrap car.

2) Accept Our Offer & Sell Your Car

Once you have received and accepted our offer we will arrange a time when it is most convenient to pick up your old or scrap vehicle. Our drivers are very flexible and pick up vehicles at all times throughout the week.

3) Vehicle Recovered

When your vehicle has been safely picked up by one of our professionals, we will transport this to our recycling centre where we can begin the process to reuse all of the materials. Our staff are highly skilled and always check to ensure the vehicle is secure on our transporters and that no fluid or parts will fall off whilst in transit.

4) Repair/Dismantling

The first step to the dismantling process is giving the car a full evaluation and check what parts are serviceable and can be reused. All of the electronics, glass, the engine, plastics and non-metal or valuable parts of the car will be stripped to ensure everything that can be recycled goes to good use. All fluids are also completed drained and disposed of in a safe way.

5) Parts Reused/Recycled

It’s very important to us that every part and piece of material on our cars can be reused, this is why once the vehicle is stripped down there is a meticulous process of dividing all of the parts into material types so we can recycle everything and there is no waste. Some of the parts we retrieve are in good shape, if that’s the case they will be thoroughly checked and refurbished if needed so they can be sold on as reconditioned parts.

6) Vehicle is Crushed & Pressed

Once the car has been stripped and there is only the shell left, we then crush and compress the vehicle until it’s been squashed and made into a cube.

You can see a video of our crusher below!

7) All Materials Re-used

The cube is then stored, ready to be sent to be recycled and then turned into various objects, from cans of Coke, to fridges and many more metal household items we all use on a daily basis.

Once the old or scrap vehicle has completed the recycling process, we now have reused the majority of the parts and the rest have been separated and disposed of. If you want to sell your scrap car, Cambridge Car Solutions will buy any scrap car and offer free scrap car collection from anywhere in our local area – Suffolk, Norfolk and Cambridgeshire being the main counties we serve.

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