Can You Scrap My Car After It Has Been In An Accident?

Can You Scrap My Car After It Has Been In An Accident?

Car accidents are deeply unpleasant experiences for all involved. Even if you’re fortunate enough to walk away unharmed, you’ll still have to go through the process of claiming on your insurance – and you may potentially be forced to find a new car to replace your damaged one.

While many minor car accidents cause damage which is repairable, the cost of the repairs can quite easily exceed the value of the car. This typically happens when your car isn’t particularly valuable due to its age, mileage or condition, or when replacement parts are prohibitively expensive to purchase.

The only option left in many cases is to recycle your old car by selling it for scrap. But which companies can collect your mangled vehicle from your home, even if it doesn’t drive?

Scrap My Car Norfolk

We can do just that here at Cambridge Car Solutions. Our experienced team of recovery drivers have some of the industry’s most advanced and capable machinery at their disposal, including HIAB lorries. This allows them to make light work of recovering vehicles, even if they’re missing wheels and are totally unable to move under their own power.

What’s more, we can recover your vehicle from any location in Norfolk and the surrounding areas, as well as Cambridgeshire and Suffolk. We make the whole process as straightforward as possible, ensuring we pay you a fair amount for your vehicle by regularly checking our prices against the competition.

Our friendly team will arrange a convenient time to collect your vehicle and can even help you fill in the necessary paperwork and submit it to the DVLA.

Visit our Scrap my car Norfolk page for more information and to receive a free quote. You can also contact us if you have questions.

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