Keeping Your Car Safe When You’re Away

Weekends away and longer summer breaks are great for relaxing, taking time off work and visiting new places. With constant deals and discounts online, many journeys are made cheaper for those travelling by train, plane or bus. But what happens to your car while you’re away?

With over 370,000 cars stolen each year in the UK and one in ten cars becoming victim to ‘auto crime’, car theft is more common than people think. If you leave your car on a driveway or parked on the street, you could be at risk from thieves who notice your car has been unmoved for several days and assume you are away. If you haven’t got access to off-road parking, you could also be at risk of vandals and parking fines.

For those with a safe and secure garage, your car may be safe from potential thieves and vandals however there are certain precautions that must be taken to ensure that your car stays in good condition. For example, in summer months your car must be left in a condition that ensures it is ventilated properly so that car parts do not over-heat. Electric car owners run the risk of their car running out of charge for extended periods and the battery becoming fully depleted.

At Cambridge Car Solutions, we offer a fully comprehensive vehicle storage service that can keep your car safe during any length of holiday. We will ensure that all precautions are taken so that when you return, your car runs as it did before it was in our care. Our car storage features 24/7 CCTV surveillance and meaning we can guarantee the safety of your car throughout its stay.

There is no minimum or maximum commitment for our services, just simply call us for fill out our contact form and receive a free quotation for our secure storage.

Had an accident?

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