Summer Maintenance Essentials

In this blog post, we will go through some of the important parts of a car that should be checked regularly, especially in the summer months. At Cambridge Car Solutions, we strive to provide our expert knowledge with our clients, so if you need any help or advice then do not hesitate to contact us.

Engine coolant levels

If your engine coolant runs out it can cause a massive problem because your engine can overheat or stop running, which will be very expensive to fix. You should regularly check every week the coolant levels are between the minimum and maximum levels as this is vital to keep the engine running at the right temperature. If you notice the levels drop suddenly, make sure you take your vehicle to the garage as you could have a leak.


Getting a puncture is the most common cause of breakdowns in the summer, this is because the heat makes the tyre pressure increase so there is a higher chance of a puncture becoming worse. If you do get a puncture or breakdown and are in need of changing a tyre, we provide a fast service where we can change your tyres on the side of the road.

We offer to change your tyres on the side of the road if; you are unsure how to change them, don’t have the right equipment or wheel key and we can also usually supply a new tyre depending on what we have in stock.


The summer months can see a time where car batteries can begin to malfunction and cause a car to stop running. Cambridge Car Solutions can give your battery a quick test to ensure that your battery is in good condition and full working order.

If you do find that you have broken down, we offer a batteries replacement service – supplied and fitted at the side of the road so you can get back on the road as swiftly as possible.

Wiper Blades

Because of the amount of bugs and dry mud on the road in the summer, it’s vital that you check that your cars wiper blades are in working order, as if not your windscreen can become dangerously dirty and visibility can be poor due to not being able to clean the glass.

Air Filter

The air filter works to help keep debris and dirt from getting into your engine, because of this in the summer your filter can get very clogged up. Normally filters can be easily cleaned or changed and can dramatically improve the efficiency and running of the engine.

Oil Levels

Having a sufficient amount of oil in your engine is one of the most important checks you should carry out regularly. If you do run out of oil, then your engine will cease and majorly damage your engine.

What to do if you do breakdown?

If you find you have broken down, do not worry as we offer a breakdown service and can help you at very reasonable prices. On lots of our callouts, we are able to repair your car at the side of the road so you can get back on your way with minimum fuss. If we cannot fix the problem on the side of the road we can recover the vehicle to a garage or home or from home to a garage, we also can transport cars for customers or car garage/dealerships from one garage to another.

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