Top 6 Causes of Excessive or Uneven Wear on a Tyre

If you find yourself regularly searching for tyre fitting services, you may be wondering why your tyre needs replacing so often. Good quality tyres should last up to 10 years. However, there are a number of reasons a tyre’s life span may fall short of this mark. It could be as simple as not having high quality tyres, however it can also be a result of other things, such as road conditions or driving habits. A drain on your time, money and energy, discover our top 6 causes of excessive or uneven wear on a tyre below.

1. Underinflation

Whether you’ve got a slow puncture or your tyres were simply not inflated enough to begin with, underinflation is a common reason for tyres wearing quickly around the edges. If you do keep inflating your tyre but it quickly becomes deflated then you should take it to a garage to inspect for any punctures.

2. Overinflation

On the flip side, overinflation can also be a key cause of excessive wear and tear on your tyre. The tyre will tend to wear in the middle if this is the case. It’s important not to overfill your tyre with air as this will cause your tread to bulge in the centre, resulting in irregular wear.

3. Repeated scuffing of tyres against kerbs

A common driving habit that can cause uneven tyre wear, is repeated scuffing against raised kerbs. It’s best to kick this habit wherever possible.

4. Misaligned steering

If your tyres are not aligned properly or are tilting to one side, this can cause misaligned steering. Also known as misaligned wheel tracking, this not only causes uneven wear and tear on your tyres, it can also impact your driving experience by causing your steering wheel to vibrate or your vehicle to pull to one side as you drive. If the wear on your tyre is exclusive to the inside or outer edge then you should take your car to a garage to check for misaligned steering.

5. Aggressive driving

You should avoid driving aggressively to avoid any unnecessary pressure or wear on your tyres.

6. Prolonged driving on bumpy or uneven terrain

If you regularly find yourself driving over bumpy cobbles or uneven terrain then this could be a contributing factor to the excessive wear and tear on your tyres. If this is the case, then we recommend purchasing stronger tyres that can withstand the less forgiving road conditions.


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