Does My Car Get Recycled When It’s Scrapped?

If you’re environmentally-conscious, the thought of your old car being ‘thrown away,’ landfill-style, probably doesn’t fill you with joy. But is that actually what happens? Is scrapping your car an eco-friendly thing to do or a wasteful one? You’ll be pleased to know that it’s the former. When you scrap your vehicle with us here at Cambridge Car Solutions, we’ll recycle as many components as we possibly can.

Spare parts live on

If your vehicle still has useful parts on it (and most do), we will remove these for others to buy and fit to their cars. Even if your car has been involved in a hefty front end accident, the rearmost components might still be in good working order. These can be reused by another motorist, helping to keep more cars on the road and reducing wastage.

This can apply to everything from small plastic components to entire engines, gearboxes and subframes. You never know, parts from your car might save another from the scrapheap!

A fresh start

Parts that can’t be reused will then be recycled. Even if every last part is removed from your car to be reused on others, we’ll still be able to recycle the shell of the vehicle. The steel or aluminium panels can be melted down and turned into anything you can imagine, from drink cans to refrigerators.

Scrap my car Norfolk

Whether you have an old car, van or motorbike that’s reached the end of its useful life, we’ll pay to take it off your hands and recycle it. We cover Cambridgeshire, Suffolk and Norfolk, and can even collect your vehicle free of charge!

To find out how much your old vehicle could earn you, head over to our scrap my car Norfolk page today to get a free, no obligation quote.

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